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100731_0026 Shaw HouseThis website has been set up to help you kit yourself out in a set of clothes so you can either
reenact England in the 1640s or equip yourself for time travel (please get in touch if this is your hobby!). The 1642 Tailors, Barbara, Ian and Helen can make you most items of kit for the English Civil War to the standard shown in the photographs in the guides. Use the form below for any enquiries.

Start with the page entitled “What to Wear”. This will give you an overview of the clothes worn378748_309648325799282_89920182_n by common people in the Civil War period. Each section has at least one word  in bold type. If this word is underlined, it will take you to further information, links and eventually instructions as to the best place to buy (here) or how to make your own. There are also galleries of things we have made. They can be ordered from us using any contact box, either at the bottom of this page or below the menswear and ladies page.

Nothing here is set in stone, research is ongoing in all aspects of seventeenth century life, but I’ve tried as far as possible to represent the best guesses at the present moment. As we find out more, new pages and links will be added, so keep an eye on the blog posts and the news page.

1625754_10200876232022754_1699470512_nFeel free to comment on any of the subjects covered. Nothing is off limits and as I have seen, even experts can make assumptions that don’t always lead to the correct conclusions. If you want to reproduce anything here, for a regimental magazine or newsletter for instance I have no problem with that. Please check with me first though as some of the pictures are copyright to other people who have just granted permission to use them here.








2 Responses to “About the Tailors”

  1. Greetings. Nice site and well laid out. Currently doing some new research on unpublished civil war papers with substantial details of clothing and equipment. Wonder if Iain would contact me direct on the email provided for a cover a few items?
    My thanks in advance…


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