Gentlemen’s Apparel

Most of the items on display throughout this website can be ordered through the 1642 Tailor. If we can’t make it, we will know someone who can, so feel free to ask.

As a start, here are some items we can provide. Use the contact form below to send your enquiry. We will try to answer directly and talk you through the options.


Basic shirt. Handsewn from linen to the specifications from the guide; shoulder and sleeve gussets and hand braided band strings.  


Soldier’s coat. All wool construction with a linen lining and choice of buttons. Construction based on an original coat in Colchester Museum

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 13.52.03

Knee length collared cloak made from wool broadcloth with linen liner. There are various options available. Please ask for prices


Breeches. Wool outer, linen lining. Hand made with leather pockets. Choice of leg ties or unconfined at the bottom.


Gentelman’s Silk brocade doublet. lined with silk and interlined with linen


Short tabbed gentleman’s doublet. Stiffened, interlined and with a girdle stead to hang your breeches from. We can make all styles but this one is common wear from 1630 right up until the restoration. Handmade


Montero cap, made to measure from wool and linen in an authentic shape and style. This cap will fit you, fold down and up and look just like the original pictures. Folding tutorial optional. 



Blinged-up drummers style with gold braid.


Gentleman’s suit, doublet and breeches hand made. Let us know what you want and we will give you a price.


Doublet to go with the montero. Wool broadcloth and gold braid. Ask us for a price


Man’s long wool broadcloth coat based on an example in the V&A Museum. Linen lined with thread worked buttons.


Man’s linen cap. Blackwork silk embroidery pattern from the Trevelyon Miscellany, linen tassel


Plain men’s linen drawers.


Gentleman’s falling band in linen. This one features Tudor Tailor lace.


If you prefer something a bit more showy for your falling band, we can provide hand made strings and tassels.

shirt 2

Gentleman’s shirt, linen handmade with bobbin lace and hand made band strings and tassels. 

shirt 4

Front opening detail of the gentleman’s shirt. The worked bar reinforces the slit and is also a feature of the basic model.

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